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Alle publicaties van Roy Wilkinson

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The changing mind of man : the historical development of human consciousness Roy Wilkinson boek 1980 
Christianity : the mission of the Christ Roy Wilkinson boek 1981 
Commentary on the Old Testament Stories Roy Wilkinson boek 1984 
The cultivation of thinking : the philosophical approach to spiritual vision Roy Wilkinson boek 1981 
The curriculum of the Rudolf Steiner School Roy Wilkinson boek 1975 
The development of language : with a footnote on place names Roy Wilkinson boek 1973 
Friends across the threshold : the relationships between the living and the dead Roy Wilkinson boek 1980 
The hosts of heaven : an elementary study of the spiritual hierachies Roy Wilkinson boek 1981 
The inner life : an introduction to Rudolf Steiner's way of attaining spiritual perception Roy Wilkinson boek 1981 
The interpretation of fairy tales Roy Wilkinson boek 1984 
Journey through the spheres : life between death and rebirth Roy Wilkinson boek 1981 
Man and animal : a study for children aged 10 Roy Wilkinson boek 1977 
A man and his mission : Rudolf Steiner and spiritual science Roy Wilkinson boek 1980 
Man know thyself : an outline description of the being of man Roy Wilkinson boek 1980 
Man's adversaries : the problem of evil Roy Wilkinson boek 1981 
Miscellany : a collection of original poems and plays and one translation Roy Wilkinson boek 1978 
Nutrition : health ; anthropology for classes 7/8 (ages 13/14) Roy Wilkinson boek 1978 
Old Testament Stories rewritten and abridged by R.W boek 1985 
The origin and development of language Roy Wilkinson boek 1991 
The physical sciences II for age groups 13/14 : chemistry Roy Wilkinson boek 1978 
The physical scienses I for age groups 12/13/14 : introduction, sound, light and colour, heat, magnetism and electricity, mechanics including hydraulics and pneumatics, meteorology and climatlogy Roy Wilkinson boek 1977 
Plant study : geology for the age groups 11 and 12 Roy Wilkinson boek 1977 
Plays for puppets : based on the stories of the Brothers Grimm adaptable for normal stage production Roy Wilkinson boek 1978 
Rudolf Steiner : An introduction to his spiritual world-view, anthroposophy Roy Wilkinson boek 2001 
The shaping of destiny : reincarnation and karma Roy Wilkinson boek 1980 
Studies in practical activities : farming, gardening, housebuilding for the age groups 9 and 10 Roy Wilkinson boek 1978 
Teaching english Roy Wilkinson boek 1978 
Teaching geography Roy Wilkinson boek 1976 
Teaching history (I and II) : the ancient cicilisations of India, Persia, Egypt/Babalonia Roy Wilkinson boek 1977 
Teaching history III : the Fourth Cultural Epoch greece and Rome Roy Wilkinson boek 1977 
Teaching history IV ; the Middle Ages Roy Wilkinson boek 1978 
Teaching history V : from the Renaissance to the Second World War Roy Wilkinson boek 1978 
Teaching mathematics to age 14 Roy Wilkinson boek 1978 
The temperaments in education Roy Wilkinson boek 1977 
Worlds without end : the evolution of the world and man Roy Wilkinson boek 1980