The Future Art of Cinema

Reto Andrea Savoldelli

Boek, Engels, 143 p. 23,3 cm. 285 gr.

Vertaling van: Rudolf Steiner über das Kino - zur Genealogie des Films, Seminar Verlag , Basel, 2017. Vertaler: Matthew Barton

Temple Lodge Press Essex 2020

ISBN: 9781912230402

From Joseph Vogelsang and his mysterious peep-box to Hollywood blockbusters and Netflix, R.A. Savoldelli’s survey of cinema and film is based on practical experience (he was once the enfant terribleof Swiss cinema) and years of contemplation and study. He examines the difference between film as the “hypnotic monster” mentioned by the Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini, and the art of film to which Rudolf Steiner aspired. The author discusses the historical development of cinema from its origins, focusing particularly on science fiction (from Star Wars to The Matrix) and influential filmmakers such as Eric Rohmer, Andrei Tarkovsky, and Pasolini.

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