From symptom to reality. In modern history

Rudolf Steiner

Boek, Engels, 250 p. 21,5 cm. 336 gr. ill.

GA 185

Rudolf Steiner Press Forest Row 2015

ISBN: 978855844148

In these nine lectures, given in the final weeks of the First World War, Rudolf Steiner surveys some of the great developments in European consciousness and outlook since the fifteenth century that have gradually formed the Europe of the twentieth century.

He examines the rise of nationalism as it has affected different peoples and shows how profoundly a difference in religious outlook has played its part in the course of events, distinguishing between what he calls the People of the Christ in Russia, the People of the Church in Europe and the People of the Lodges in England.

He speaks personally of his own confrontation with the attitudes and movements of his time. Whilst stressing the inevitability and necessity of socialism, he makes it quite clear what has stood in the way of its true development so far.

Overall these lectures give the basis for a far deeper understanding of the present world situation and, whilst offering no suggestion of an easy path ahead, they provide insight for those concerned for the future of mankind.

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Dornach, 18 oktober 1918

The birth of the Consciousness soul

Dornach, 19 oktober 1918

Symptomatology of recent centuries

Dornach, 20 oktober 1918

The historical significanse of scientific mode of thinking

Dornach, 25 oktober 1918

Characteristics of the super-sensible behind historical symptoms

Dornach, 26 oktober 1918

The Mystery of Evil

Dornach, 27 oktober 1918

Brief reflections on the publication of the new edition of 'The philosophy of Freedom'

Dornach, 1 november 1918

Incidental reflections on the occasion of the new edition of "Goethes Weltanschauung"

Dornach, 2 november 1918

Religious impulses of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch

Dornach, 3 november 1918

The relation between deeper European impulses and those of the present day