Embedded Freedom ; Year round the Festivals - Saoirse Neadaithe

Elisabeth Koopmans

Boek, meertalig/anders, 21,5 cm. 490 gr.

63 p. Enlish - 64 p. Irish (Gaeilge) + 10 foto's


ISBN: 9789083013107

Twelve tiny candles on the window sill of every cottage on Inis Meáin spread their light into the dark night - the last of the twelve holy nights that started on Christmas Eve. Days before, when preparations were being made, the anticipation was already felt.

From pre-Christian times, humans have expressed their beliefs through festivals that provide stepping-stones between the season of the year. These festivals form the warp of the weaving through which the thread of life runs as a weft.
Since the arrival of the Celts in pre-Christian Ireland, every onset of a new season has started with a celebration, a thanksgiving to the gods for what nature has provided. The Irish are still embedded in this tradition of celebrating each new season. The year then was devided into spring, summer, autumn, and winter, as it is today. However the Celts marked the start of each season fifty days earlier than we do. Entering a new season was and is celebrated the night before. With the coming of Christianity to Ireleand, these pagan festivals not only survived - thanks be to Saint Patrick - but they are celebrated alongside Christan observances.
Embedded Freedom presents the background of the annual festivals and how they are celebrated on Inis Meáin in their natural setting during the seasons. May this book help you to understan and appreciate our lives during the flow of our year on Inis Meáin.

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